Mobotix D15 Camera MX-D15Di-Sec


Mobotix D15 Camera MX-D15Di-Sec -- D15 DualDome With 5MP Sensors One Camera, Two Lenses The latest 5 megapixel image sensor technology ensures brilliant 2 x 3MEGA dual images. Thanks to its enhanced light sensitivity, the camera produces significantly clearer color images also in low light conditions. At night, one single new 5MP black and white sensor can produce live or recorded HiRes images of up to 3.1 megapixel (compared to D14D with 1.3 megapixel). Smooth HiRes Video Streams The optimized hardware of the D15 ensures that especially at high resolution, the video streams are transmitted even more smoothly than the already high-performance D14. Since image streams of 16 frames per second and higher are perceived as fluid video by the human eye, the maximum frame rate is limited to 30 fps (when using a MEGA resolution of 1280x960) in order to provide sufficient processor performance for other tasks.

lens options: -- MX-D15-MODULE-D160 -- MX-D15-MODULE-D25 -- MX-D15-MODULE-D38 -- MX-D15-MODULE-D51 -- MX-D15-MODULE-D76 -- MX-D15-MODULE-N160 -- MX-D15-MODULE-N25 -- MX-D15-MODULE-N38 -- MX-D15-MODULE-N51 -- MX-D15-MODULE-N76

MX-D15Di-Sec-D25D25 MX-D15Di-Sec-D51D51 MX-D15Di-Sec-DNight-FIX-D25N25 MX-D15Di-Sec-DNight-FIX-D38N38 MX-D15Di-Sec-DNight-FIX-D51N51 MX-D15Di-Sec-DNight-FIX-D76N76 MX-D15Di-Sec-DNight-FIX-D160N160 MX-D15Di-Sec-Pano MX-D15Di-Sec-Night-Pano MX-D15Di-Sec-D25D25 MX-D15Di-Sec-D51D51 MX-D15Di-Sec-N25N25 MX-D15Di-Sec-N51N51 MX-D15Di-IT-D25D25 MX-D15Di-IT-D51D51 MX-D15Di-IT-N25N25 MX-D15Di-IT-N51N51

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